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Lead Consultant (Canada)

Angela Donnelly is a lead consultant and international associate of the Schuitema Group. She is currently establishing a presence for the consultancy in North America, living in Toronto, Canada.

Angela’s first exposure to Etsko Schuitema and the Care & Growth™ Model was over 10 years ago. Ever since then she has been a fervent champion of the transformational impact this has on individuals, teams, and organisations. She thrives on witnessing the illuminating moments on the faces of workshop participants when they discover an inner strength from examining their personal intent and shifting their worldview. She has experienced these rewarding moments working with clients from industries as diverse as Technology, Banking, Education and the Public Sector.

Angela worked as a lead consultant for the Schuitema Group during 2016 and 2017, prior to her relocation to Canada. During this time she delivered both leadership and team excellence workshops to her clients. She also executed extensive diagnostic work, helping her clients to understand their unique leadership challenges and opportunities.

Building on this foundation, she delivered extensive personal coaching to help leaders close their identified development gaps.

Angela holds a BCom degree, with a specialisation in Management. She is also well qualified and experienced in various aspects of Learning and Development from needs analysis, materials design, and development through to facilitation. She is a qualified Optimal Meta-Coach and a certified NLP Practitioner.

Prior to joining Schuitema, Angela gained extensive corporate and human resources exposure fulfilling roles at local, regional and global levels. Reflecting on this 15-year corporate career, she believes wholeheartedly that leadership capability and unlocking willingness are the two most important drivers of achieving a winning corporate culture. Through this, individuals can achieve personal excellence and thus close the gap between brand promise and customer experience.