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Annette Stinnes




Annette Stinnes is an independent strategy and organisational development consultant. As an associate of the Schuitema Group, she designs and facilitates personal, team and leadership excellence solutions for clients.

Annette's work is founded in the belief that only purpose enables sustained performance and that purpose can be facilitated; chosen and actioned. She has worked in the private/for-profit, public and not-for-profit sectors, spanning financial services, legal practice, private and public education, local government, social development and financial inclusion.

She was exposed to the Care and Growth Model when she lead the Leadership stream of OldMutual's High Performance Programme and recommended the Model to Old Mutual's Executive Team. Subsequently she contributed to the replication of the Model, as implemented in Old Mutual's Retail Mass Market Segment, in other emerging market countries, including Mexico, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Guided by her and with the support of another Schuitema Associate, David April, Ilima Lethu Trust adopted the model for implementation in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

She is an experineced manager and consultant with LLM and MBA degrees. and was the Strategy and Human Resources Lead for Old Mutual's Service, Techonolgy and Administration segment. She has lectured Global Business and Sustainability to BComm Honors students and Constitutional law to LLB students.

Annette has expertise in strategy formulation and operational translation, organisational development, change management, human resource management, constitutional law and corporate social investment and sustainability.