Are You Doing Enough to Improve Yourself?

We all do things that can either be constructive or destructive in our lives. Constructive activities are things that build you up, improve yourself and make a positive contribution and give something to the world around us. Destructive activities are activities that break us down, waste our potential and produce the conditions under which we take from the world around us. When looking at ourselves, it is important to have some indication to identify which activities are constructive and which are destructive.

Do We Follow Our Heart?

People say that we should follow our heart. This is true but we must be careful. It is important to be aware about how we and things around us are affected by what we do. Constructive activities have a positive impact after every encounter whereas destructive ones leave a sense of emptiness or even leave things worse off than they were before.

Examples of constructive activities are things like learning pursuits, volunteer work, helping others to grow, books, arts and music, or a commitment to a spiritual path. In each activity, you find yourself more fulfilled and it is not just a momentary state, these things have a lasting impact on you. Once you are done, you will be improved, even if by just a tiny bit. You have something that cannot be taken away, you are a better version of yourself and you have made a contribution.

On the other hand, there are certain kind of activities like blind pursuit of consumables, drug addiction, power and politics, etc.  These may give temporary joy and satisfaction but their benefit is always temporary because they do not improve you. Very often, getting these things puts someone in a worse place than before they have gotten them. We can all find example of a person who was more unhappy and empty after becoming very rich or very powerful than they were before. And since most of the time we are unaware of the affect our lives are actually having on ourselves and those around us, we keep running in circles from one destructive thing to another, never engaging in things that actually uplift us.

Reflect On Ourselves

In a world of the blind following blind for preconceived ideas of success, with everyone so busy being busy, I caution everyone to take a moment to reflect on whether we are actually uplifting ourselves, or rather just endlessly chasing one pot at the end of a rainbow after another.

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