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Lead Consultant

Armand has a comprehensive grasp of the broader Care & Growth thematic and has been instrumental in a host of very interesting interventions. Armand has a wealth of experience as an NLP practitioner and clinical psychologist. Some of the most interesting work that Armand has done in partnership with Schuitema is excellence modelling. Excellence modelling, sometimes affectionately called “modelina” by Armand, identifies and articulates the cognitive and attitudinal conditions for success in any given task. As some examples, Armand has done excellence profiling on mill managers in Pioneer Foods, on mine managers in platinum mines and on a team of high-performing telesales people in an insurance company; to name a few examples.

Armand considers the Care & Growth thematic as the most valid leadership model. This model, designed by Etsko Schuitema in the 1980’s, has over time been used in 26 different countries. This model touches on a universal set of factors where leaders and working-participants together produce the outcomes for success. Effectively: the range of clients and the application in 26 countries validates the premises of the thematic.

Armand has been an associate with Schuitema since June 2015. As a modeler of success, he believes that he has arrived where he belongs. The “models” of peak performers in leadership positions will consistently validate the principles of Care & Growth. Modelling is a highly effective support for Care & Growth interventions as it helps leaders wrap their heads around what they actually need to do differently and entrench what they are currently doing well.


Armand has been running his own business since 1983. He is a registered psychologist, an international NLP trainer and a founding member of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Neuro-semantics in South Africa. He has a list of more than 25 modeling projects of significance including managing for safety, effective coaching, creativity on demand, cost effective client management and decision making of project managers.