Basic Psychology Theories

To have a better understanding of the way humans function, we can look at psychology. This article will discuss basic psychology theories to help understand the way we humans function. On many occasions, we think, “but why would someone do something like that?”. Sometimes, people act out of fear, survival, or habit. Whether it is good or bad, the only thing we can control is our response to it.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This theory discusses the hierarchy of human needs. Maslow argues that that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced needs. In other words, that a person’s basic needs must be met before they can go on to higher-level needs.


This diagram shows that as humans our first instinct is to take care of our basic needs. These refer to our psychological and safety needs. Once we feel safe and psychologically fulfilled, we will move onto the next level. Many times we act in accordance with trying to preserve our basic needs. This may cause us to act out of fear.


Herzberg’s Two Factor Psychology Theory

Herzberg spent many years researching job satisfaction after seeing an increase in job dissatisfaction. His theory, also known as the Motivation-Hygiene theory, argues that factors, like recognition, growth, autonomy, and enjoying the work itself lead to job satisfaction. And on the contrary,  dissatisfaction comes from the physical work environment, salary, and job security.

Many times our external environment deeply affects our psyche. More than we admit. When we have more money we feel at ease, and when our physical work environment is not pleasing to us it affects even our home life. Therefore once we understand different ways in which we feel satisfied, we can act in accordance with it.



Care & Growth

The Schuitema Group focuses on four key areas of improvement.

  • Leadership Excellence – Empowering leaders to lead with Care and Growth.
  • Team Excellence – Cultivating collaboration among colleagues.
  • Personal Excellence – Guiding individuals towards their highest potential.
  • Organisational Excellence – Enabling your organisation to deliver on its value proposition.



Care & Growth is a change of mindset, which enables you to do more, without feeling like you’re doing more. It is the practice of self-enhancement through the empowering and nurturing of others. At our deepest level, the service of others is what enables us to feel excellent. Care & Growth uncovers the layers of self-taught ways of survival. And uncovers the way to ultimate freedom in the workplace. And actually in your life.

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