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Cooperation and Intent in a Team

As discussed in our previous blog articles, setting a team up for success takes careful planning and understanding. In this week’s blog we focus on the core factors (cooperation and ...
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The Dangers of Having Competition in a Team

Continuing from our focus on teams, we have a closer look at the dangers of having competition in a team. I did a piece of work at a colliery called ...
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The Process of Building Teams

In the next few weeks, we will introduce and discuss the challenges surrounding teams and explain how best to approach the subject in order to get the best response from ...
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Building Successful Teams – An Introduction

Last week, we discussed the process needed in order to create successful teams. In this week’s blog, we investigate what makes a team 'tick' and function effectively. At Schuitema Group, ...
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The Vice Called Results Focused

It stands to reason that one should give attention to what one has power over, and that one would tend to disable oneself if you gave attention to things that ...
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Legitimate Leadership & The Issue of Control

I have consistently argued that in the course of establishing a legitimate relationship based on care and growth of the subordinate, the leader must continuously review the level of control ...
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If You Want a Successful Team, Start With a Noble Purpose

A successful team is a teams that can elicit the intent to contribute from each of the individual members of the team. A contribution-focused team is a successful team. A contribution-focused team ...
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Gratitude and Petty Tyrants

My previous post on the blog was solicited by a particularly depressing series of events at a client site where it had become apparent that a newly appointed senior executive ...
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