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Sustainable Safety Performance and Attention

Leading a Mindful Organization Most Safety Practitioners would agree that the key challenge in maintaining sustainable safety performance is the mindfulness of employees, particularly operators. People do unsafe things when ...
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Why Nobility Lies in Struggle

With current world events, it is becoming apparent that the world that we are in and the world that we face as individuals is very stressed, and very stretched. If ...
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Learn to pay attention in 2 ways

How Should We Pay Attention

In my youth I used to observe how bar fights often start. The beginning of bar fights would often include someone saying, “What are you looking at?” We have two ways ...
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The Politics of Convergence - Seeking human kindness

The Politics of Convergence – Part 3

Continuing from our previous blog post, the Politics of Convergence - Part 2, we now discuss how paying attention to one’s rights in a situation means emphasising what the other ...
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Politics of Convergence

The Politics of Convergence – Part 2

Following from our previous post on the Politics of Convergence - Part 1, at the level of intent, all human beings are the same because the problem of intent is ...
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Profitability through Efficiency Fair Price

Fair Price is a Furniture Retailer (cash and lay-bye) of locally manufactured and imported furniture and appliances, with stores in townships, central business districts, suburban and regional shopping malls and ...
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The Politics of Convergence - Part 1

The Politics of Convergence – Part 1

Succeed at the time of convergence. Become a courteous and deliberate being so that you can be triumphant in this human endeavour that you're on. The Divergence The current archaeological ...
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Team Success

Team Success and Value Driven Team Members

For the last month and a half, we have been looking at the principle factors of team success. As we go into our final blog on the topic, feel free ...
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