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Clint Whyte

Organisations in Leadership Development, Strategy

Clint has 30 years’ experience working with organisations in leadership development, strategy,

talent management and organisational alignment. His focus is on achieving competitive advantage

through individual, team effectiveness and organisational alignment to obtain sustainable and

measurable business results.

Clinton has held executive level HR leadership roles such as General Manager HR for Country Road

(Australia, New Zealand and the USA). He established his own consulting firm, Alignment @ Work,

in 2000 which he continues to run. He was a Director and equity partner at Human Capital

International from 2002 to 2010. In addition to running Alignment @ Work, he has worked with the

Melbourne Business School (MBS) since 2015 as an Associate and Senior Consultant. He continues

his relationship with MBS as an Associate. He has worked with organisations in Australia, China,

Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Asia Pacific and South Africa.

He has recently joined the Schuitema Group as a Consultant working with the Custodian of

Schuitema Australia.

Clinton is appreciated for his flexible approach and ability to build rapport at all levels of the

organisations he works with. He draws extensively from his background in organisational psychology

as well as years of applied practice and experience in senior leadership roles. He ensures the work

he delivers is aligned with his clients’ strategy and culture.