Assessing Your Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture surveys that give you the information to build engaged teams, develop Leaders that earn loyalty and commitment, and Cultivate engaged employees.

Our Approach to your Organisational Culture

You are a Village

We understand that an organisation is a village. Organisations are not machines, they are communities.

You are Political

All communities have politics. The politics of the community affects the views, behaviour, well-being and performance of the people within your community.

Giving you the information to build engaged teams

  • Lifting the lid on the politics of your organisation
  • Helping you discover the patterns of alliances within your organisation
  • Exposing the roles of establishment and anti-establishment players in your organisation
  • Diagnosing the degree to which employees trust management

Developing Leaders that Earn Loyalty and Commitment

  • Assessing leaders against our ground-breaking leadership methodology
  • Providing feedback that grows leaders
  • Diagnosing barriers to collaboration in Execution Teams
  • Giving leaders a 360 degree view of how they are perceived

Cultivating Engaged Employees

  • Measuring engagement and developing performance
  • Giving your employees a voice
  • Giving your actionable data
  • Creating space for an honest conversation
  • Making your workplace more human