Your organisation
and its Context

Analysing your Systems, Organisational Structure and Context

Our Approach to your Organisation

Your Structures and Processes Either Empower or Disable your People

The most effective organisation have structures and processes that promote autonomous and powerful teams.

You Exist
to Add Value

Every organisation has a value proposition to its customers. Successful organisations have excellent value propositions.

Organisation Diagnostics

Are Your Structures and Processes Producing Empowered Teams that are Accountable?

  • Analysing how decision making power is invested in the line
  • Understanding whether your organizational structures are empowering or disempowering the line
  • Assessing whether procedures are efficient and allow room for critical problem solving
  • Assessing your performace measures and performance management systems
  • Assessing your people, processes and systems
  • Diagnosing leadership accountabilities behind performance exceptions

Enterprise Risk Assessment & Strategy Development

Is your Organisation set up to achieve a sustainable and viable value proposition in a Competitive Market?

  • Doing a SWOT analysis
  • Providing an Enterprise Risk Register
  • Co-developing a winning Strategy

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