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Get introduced to the Care and Growth Thematic of Human Excellence

This program provides unprecedented insight into the golden thread behind success. From the success of your business, all the way through to your sense of success and achievement as an individual, the Care and Growth Thematic gives you the key.

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  • A wake-up call for managers who want to be leaders. Etsko transforms the words “power” and “empowerment” into living, breathing ways of human interaction.

    Dr. Denis Waitley
    author of The Seeds of Greatness
  • He challenged the current paradigms with a message that resonates with our times.
    We need to change our lens!

    Dawood Valley
    CEO & Founder – Fairprice Furniture
  • Etsko took us on a journey of self-discovery that was linked to making an actual difference in the workplace.

    Lindiwe Magagula
    Senior Provincial Manager – Standard Bank


The workshop is facilitated by the founder of the Care & Growth model, Etsko Schuitema. Etsko, a renowned speaker, author, and CEO of the Schuitema Group. Etsko has been working for over 30 years, in over 26 countries, in a variety of sectors to create powerful working relationships, empowering individuals on all levels of organisations.

“Successful leaders understand that you cannot buy loyalty and commitment, you have to earn it.”

Etsko Schuitema