Improve your Self-Guidance in the Workplace

To find energy and self-guidance in these challenging times gets harder and harder. Would better knowledge of your core values and what is important for your well-being lead you on the way? Our lives before the pandemic were quite hectic for most of us. And this gave us few possibilities for reflection and listen to our inner voice. But time changes and this time last year most of us wouldn’t have had the time to enjoy  our own company. Or maybe someone would say we’ve been forced to enjoy our own company.

Looking inwardly

Self-Guidance is difficult when you don’t know which direction to look to. That’s why it’s important to take a step back. Look at the bigger picture & see where you’re going. Many of us can bare witness of how we’ve contemplated over what life is all about and how to make the best of it. What motivates you as an individual, what kind of environment gives you energy, makes you proud and as a result makes you give and contribute unconditionally? This is valid not just for your private life but also for our working lives, spending most hours at work.

Statistics also show that as much as 85% goes to work wishing they would be somewhere else. This also means that maybe you’re not so keen to give your very best during your working hours. Would it be possible for you to give more, to contribute to the overall success of a company? Would getting-to-know yourself give you a more inspiring daily life? I could argue that this is the case. Not just find out your strengths and weaknesses but more of what motivates you as an individual, what kind of environment gives you energy, what makes you proud and as a result makes you give and contribute unconditionally?

A way to have a greater success in business life for both companies and employees

At job interviews you quite often get the question what our strengths and weaknesses are. I would say that they vary depending on whether you’re nervous or not. If you have a good self-conscious or not and how honest you plan to be. There is a lot of discussion about how to recruit the right person for each position. As  “the wrong person in the wrong place” cost both time and money. On-boarding programs, well-known recruitment consultants and good money is spent on fancy ads to attract the “right” talents. All to attain the perfect match. But still, how do you know if it’ll work out and be worth the while, time and money? The simple answer – you’ll never know for sure.

Here comes the leadership challenge and possibility – you must work to achieve people through result. After having done the very best psychometric tests, in-depth interviews and talking to references you’re just at the starting point. Once the right candidate is hired, the leaders have a crucial responsibility to act as a sports coaches. The subordinates has the skills and qualifications, but still need to be coached and coordinated with the rest of the team. They need to be told about the rules, systems and dynamics to be able to contribute unconditionally. Then the scores will just roll in. You might think that it’s a bit “cheap” and makes it easy to use an aphorism to sports, but what if it’s as easy as that? Of course you have to learn and be trained as coach, this is what we do at Schuitema.

Care & Growth encourages Self-Guidance

Care & Growth and unconditional giving is not self-evident for most people. When you as a Schuitema consultant enter a new assignment and meet a group of people they are a bit reluctant to take in your message. Although they actually listen, they might not take it in. This is due to the fact that very few people nowadays are used to listening to their inner voice. Nor do they even give themselves time to reflect about their situation and their role. Setting someone else up for success is a way of thinking that don’t strike most people. Most time it is a longer travel for individuals.

Identifying your core values is also a way to know yourself better. This can highlight where and in what context you will do your very best and walk the extra mile. So take your time to guide yourself through your inner world. I mean if there is something there is a lot of right now – it’s time for reflection and to get to know yourself better.

When the company values are equal to yours, it’s called congruence. After congruence, spending your time at work is a no brainer as you feel confident, secure, proud of yourself and the team you’re working with. You’ll be willing to happily walk anywhere to set each other up for success and enjoy the good results that will follow. This will also give you, as an individual, new energy and satisfaction! and I know from personal experience that you more you give – the more you’ll get.

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