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Tomorrow’s Sustainable Leadership

Helping you achieve excellence in your business by helping you become a true leader. Join us on our one-day leadership excellence workshop and discover the secrets of leadership that inspires, engages and motivates.

  • Next Event: Due to the current Coronavirus Crisis, all dates will be announced, please contact us for updates.
  • Location: KTH Södertälje, Sweden
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"It was a step change in what our thinking around leadership is.

Really enjoyed the empowerment model of leadership."

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Event Schedule

  • 08:00 Registration/Coffee
  • 09:00 Start of day
    Redefining leadership
  • 12:00 Lunch
    Understanding empowerment
    Personal growth
    Summary and feedback
  • 17:00 End of day
  • Price: SEK 4990*
    *Includes lunch and fika.

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Royal Technical University (KTH) Lean Centre, Södertälje, Sweden

Lean Centre is part of the school of Engineering and Management. It is located in Södertälje, near partners like Scania and Södertälje Municipality. The purpose is to develop a way of working with Lean from a Swedish perspective. To reach that, Lean Centre offers training programs, seminars and qualified coaching for people from different businesses. Lean Centre is thought to act as a link between research, private- and public sector.

Meet the Facilitators

The program is facilitated by the founder of the Care & GrowthTM model, Etsko Schuitema, together with Anna Pucar Rimhagen.

Etsko is a renowned speaker, author, and CEO of the Schuitema Group. He has been working for over 30 years, in over 26 countries, in a variety of businesses to create powerful working relationships and empowering individuals on all levels.

Anna works with Schuitema Europe and has long experience from working with leadership as well as group dynamics in Agile, Lean and other contexts.

Care and Growth - the Leadership Model



Discover what you need to give attention to as a leader.
Become an inspiration to others!


Perceive the best you; add value to others.
Become the person others work for because the want to!


Learn how to give your people purpose. Become the leader that provides a motivating “Why?”

“You don’t get success and happiness from work. You take success and happiness to work. You are accountable.”

Etsko Schuitema



Get introduced to a transformative leadership methodology that has proven to be the road to success.


Take home simple practices and techniques that will help you be the leader your people want you to be.


Discover the map of human maturation so you are able to help your people become better versions of themselves.

What Participants Say

“Etsko was very engaging and the session was very interactive. It brought home the importance of accountability and helped me understand how to get in right.”

Nivashnee Naidu – Operations Manager – Givaudan

“This programme was full of new concepts, communicated very clearly, and in simple language. It gave me a change of mindset on leadership and my approach to life.”

Derrick Tshivase – Owner – Lumacon Air Conditioning

“Excellent. Insightful. Revelatory.”

Ryan Whittal – Performing Artist

"Etsko cleared my vision to recognize how I am incontrol and how I have created the world I live in. I think I am going to become a better person and a better leader "

Zunaid Bachir – Store Manager - HP

“Etsko Schuitema has developed a model for healthy work environments that has proved successful around the world.”

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