Leadership Seminar - Intent Thematic / Care&Growth + Leader’s Ladder

Invitation to free Leadership seminar - coffee/fika will be served

The Swedish leadership model Leader’s Ladder (LedarStegen) combines Care&Growth with Lean and Agile into a hands-on way to work with leadership, including continuous improvement and leadership standard.

  • Date: 30 September 2019
  • Venue: CreActive, Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping
  • Time: 14:00 - 17:00 (fika & mingle from 13.30)
  • Price: Free

The leadership model Care&Growth is based on the Schuitema Group’s Intent Thematic.

It builds on research from the South African mining industry, and shows how the main tasks of a leader is to Care for the people he or she leads, and to help them Grow. That produces a leader that people follow because they want to, which is the foundation for legitimate power and successful leadership. Schuitema is now reaching out to the European market, in addition to their already strong markets in Africa and Asia. The portfolio includes the Care&Growth Leadership model as well as the Intent Thematic as a whole, with Personal-, Team- and Organizational Excellence offerings.

Meet the Facilitators

The presentations are held by Etsko Schuitema, founder of the Intent Thematic and the Care&Growth leadership model, and Bengt Savén, founder of the Leader’s Ladder.

What Participants Say

“A wake-up call for managers who want to be leaders. Etsko transforms the words “power” and “empowerment” into living, breathing ways of human interaction.”

Dr. Denis Waitley, author of “The Seeds of Greatness

“He challenged the current paradigms with a message that resonates with our times. We need to change our lens!”

Dawood Valley, CEO & Founder – Fairprice Furniture

“Etsko took us on a journey of self-discovery that was linked to making an actual difference in the workplace”

Lindiwe Magagula, Senior Provincial Manager – Standard Bank

“Etsko Schuitema has developed a model for healthy work environments that has proved successful around the world.”

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CreActive, Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping

“You don’t get success and happiness from work. You take success and happiness to work.
You are accountable.”

Etsko Schuitema