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Nicole is a Registered Industrial/Organisational Psychologist (PS 013 6549) who currently consults in the space of people and organisational development. She makes use of psychometric assessments, facilitation techniques and bespoke-designed processes to enable the growth of relationships at an individual, team and organisational level. Some of her projects have focused on emotional intelligence, job profiling, performance management, leadership development and coaching skills.

In her role, Nicole acknowledges how powerful it is to simply ‘hold space’ and truly listen to people during their time of need. By connecting with her clients in this way, she is able to build relationships which foster trust and unlock willingness. She also believes that it sets an example of the type of people practices which will enhance employee engagement and overall effectiveness in the workplace. She has predominately worked with small to medium-sized organisations across different Industries. Some Include: SPARK Schools, Diesel Electric, Kliptown Youth Program, Helm Construction and St Peters College.

Nicole completed her Organisational Psychology Internship through Schuitema Human Excellence Group, where she was seconded to a Schuitema client within the construction industry for 12 months. This client’s rapid growth and expansion was accompanied with a series of vulnerabilities and challenges, which she was able to experience first-hand. Through some change management Initiatives, coupled with the careful Implementation of the Care & Growth™ thematic, Nicole was able to work closely with the leaders to help them on their journey of transformation. Since then, she has worked with several clients in augmenting the key aspects of Care & Growth™ – specifically personal, leadership and team excellence.