Lead Consultant

As a Lead Consultant, Armand presents the range of programs and interventions of the Schuitema Group’s Intent Thematic. He has been a Lead Consultant with the group since 2015.

During his time at Schuitema, he has worked with Cilette Harris on a project for Pioneer Foods group using modeling to describe the cognitive and attitudinal conditions for success. He has done a similar modeling project to identify the attributes of top-performing telesales people in an insurance company which has been used very successfully for the selection of new team members.

The “models” of peak performers are used to map out the Care & Growth™ Model for people while undergoing training. It is an internal validation for the Schuitema intervention as it is a mirror of what successful people already do.

Armand has been running his own business since 1983. He is a registered psychologist, an international NLP trainer and a founder member of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Neuro-Semantics in South Africa. He has a list of more than 25 modeling projects of significance including managing for safety, effective coaching, creativity on demand, cost-effective client management, and decision making of project managers.

Armand considers the Schuitema Group’s Care & Growth™ Model the most valuable leadership model he has worked with in his many years in the field.