Bengt Savén is an adjunct professor in Sustainable Leadership and Systematic Improvement at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He is also an associate consultant of Schuitema Group.

Bengt values compassion, trust, courage and the strive for excellence. His vision is a society filled with mature, authentic and unselfish leadership and his mission is to give others the inspiration, the insights and the tools to mature as leaders.

Bengt learnt the Care & GrowthTM model during his assignment as deputy CEO of a major industrial company in South Africa. Since then he had used the model to improve leadership in several organisations. He combined the model with his extensive experience of Lean and Agile ways-of-working – and documented this synthesis into his book
“The Leader’s Ladder”.

Bengt has vast experience from many years in business management (e.g. as COO and production director), complemented by a career in academia. His industry experience comes from many organisations in different parts of the world. He has lived and worked in Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa and the US – serving in all levels from first-line management to executive management and board assignments.

Bengt is a committed coach and educator that has supported many, both private and public, organisations to lead more effectively based on Lean and Agile principles and tools.

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