Fakhir Shah


Fakhir is the CEO of Schuitema Pakistan. He is the lead consultant for the complete portfolio of Schuitema human excellence services. As the core member of its team, he develops new content, processes, and applications of the Schuitema thematic. Further, he develops new consultants and practitioners of thematic in professional as well as personal domains.

Fakhir passionately believes in the transformative nature of Schuitema work. He has worked with a wide range of individuals, teams, and organisations in manufacturing and service sectors including IT, Telecom, Financial, Government, NGO, Agriculture, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Packaging, Food, Retail, and Education etc.

In the last 12 years, Fakhir has transformed Schuitema Pakistan from a boutique consultancy to one of the most respected brands in the market. Among other areas, it has established itself as an expert of engineering and project management related businesses by creating a fine blend of functional knowledge and the Schuitema organizational excellence tools. Our clients find real business value in this expertise.

Prior to moving to Schuitema, Fakhir worked as a senior business manager in the telecom division of Siemens Pakistan. He was part of the core team that set up and rolled out the mobile telecom infrastructure business in Pakistan. At the time when he left Siemens, it was the largest market shareholder.

Since a very young age, Fakhir has been drawn to deep, profound thought, to mysticism and traditions of wisdom. He finds great joy in his work and enriches it with his love for poetry, traditional Sufi lore and personal flashes of insight.

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