Omair Rana


Omair Rana is a seasoned professional holding an honours degree in Economics and Management from the London School of Economics, bringing over two decades of diverse industry experience across sectors such as entertainment, education, hospitality, ICT, event management, and manufacturing.

Serving as the General Manager of an International Production House in the UAE, Omair has contributed significantly to both commercial and production domains. His strategic impact is evident through HR consultancy at Al Roumi & J Mullins Structural Steel Manufacturing LLC, Dubai, and the introduction of the Project Management Institute (PMI) to Pakistan via Habib Rafiq Technologies.

With over ten years of professional training, Omair has conducted management workshops for esteemed organisations including Nestlé, Unilever, Coke, PepsiCo, Cambridge University, World Bank, Novo Nordisk and ICI. Beyond corporate engagements, he specialises in personal excellence coaching, with a focus on communication and emotional intelligence.

Omair’s dynamic background extends to over 50 directed theatre productions, participation in 40+ theatre plays, films, serials, and commercials. Over two decades, he has imparted knowledge in drama and theatre, served the Debating Society of Pakistan for ten years, including five years as Vice President, and played a pivotal role as the Founding Member and General Secretary of ACT Pakistan—the country’s sole federal Actors Association. Omair maintains a steadfast commitment to fostering excellence in soft skill training.

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