What is Personal Excellence?

People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. They are significant for what they put in, not for what they get out. Being here to give or to serve is, therefore, the core criterion which accounts for excellence in any individual.

When people have cracked the code of appropriate contribution, they realise the best in themselves and come to be able to live their greater lives.

Care & Growth™ is the price leadership must pay to earn the loyalty, trust, and commitment of their people. At Schuitema Group, we help leaders understand these principles and help them understand how these principles are to be pragmatically applied.

Personal Excellence diagram


The primary beneficiary of Personal Excellence is the person him/herself. It is by achieving personal excellence that one can attain security, power, fulfillment and harmony. From an organisational perspective, excellent people contribute towards excellent organisations. They do so by making a genuine contribution to the organisation and by being agents of change who can inspire those around them to reach towards the higher potential in themselves. Schuitema Group cultivates several Personal Excellence Ambassadors within client organisations around whom organisational transformations can develop.


How we work consists of four main pillars within Leadership Excellence:

Transformational Diagnostics

Our approach is holistic and can assist you in understanding what is going on within your organisation and how this is translating into the customers brand experience. We assist you in finding the What, Where, Why and the consequences of these variables.

The tools that we use to do this include the following:

  • Leader Audits – Leadership Audit, 360 Audit
  • Leadership Diagnostic
  • Culture Surveys – People Wellness Survey, Climate Survey
  • Systems & Process Audits – Control Systems Audit, People Practices Audit
  • Organistional Diagnostic
personal development training event


We run workshops for those in leadership positions to establish a deep understanding of the Care & Growth™ Model and its effective application in the workplace. We use both Introductory Workshops and Application Modules to train leaders within your organisation.


By adhering to a formalised coaching process for individuals and/or groups, we are able to work on three levels – addressing immediate concerns, developing competence and finally, transformational change. We coach both individuals and teams based on what your organisation requires.


Schuitema Group has a variety of consulting services available to assist client organisations to better establish the organisational context in which Care & Growth™ and the Intent Thematic can flourish, and the organisation can produce exceptional people who do exceptional work.

We work collaboratively with you to create the right programme that will address your internal and external requirements, enabling your organisation to flourish.

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