Team Success and Value Driven Team Members

For the last month and a half, we have been looking at the principle factors of team success. As we go into our final blog on the topic, feel free to read up on our previous blogs in order to fully understand the process.

In this article I will touch on the positive affect that value-driven behavior has on team performance. The golden rule for team success is: Successful teams are made up by team members that are committed to making extra mile contributions for the success of the team. Value-driven behavior is an essential part of this.

Team Success and Value-Driven Team Members

A value-driven person can differentiate between what is expedient and what is correct in any given situation. Further to this, a value-driven person will consistently on the bases of what they believe to be correct.

This tells us that value-driven behavior is a very important part of being a valuable team member. This is because it is the practical implication of the commitment to making extra mile contributions. When you are willing to make extra mile contributions, it means you are able to give attention to what you should be giving in a situation; without the need to get something in return. This is what value-driven behavior is about. It is about doing what you believe to be appropriate, simply because it is appropriate.

This requires that you have a clear understanding of the core values among members of the team so they know what to expect to each and know what they must live up to. The team must then, as a collective, make sure that your objectives do not come into conflict with your values.

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