The world is now battling to recover from the impact of changes. Imposed by the global pandemic. Most organisations are re-evaluating their business strategy and business models. The realization has dawned that “what got them here.. will not get them there”. Therefore forcing introspection and redefinition of their business assumptions. One has to think of what will the new strategy be going forward. It only makes sense that we look at what keeps our company going. This means our customers and employees. Showing a great deal of care has all the difference to make.

What is care?

Care is benevolent intent. Care is having the best interest of the other at heart. More importantly, doing so unconditionally and sincerely. However, this has to be directed towards the other. In other words, stakeholders. These stakeholders (or business partners) include Shareholders, Customers, Employees, and Suppliers. So, this suggests that strategies will be redefined. This means that the information will come from the stakeholders.

The Customer:

Customers mandate the existence of organisations. Strategies are becoming ‘customer-centric. In recent times, organisations are being more deliberate about getting to understand their customers. This means taking the time to get to know who they are. In addition, recalibrating their product and service. All to meet their needs. Adding to their offerings so that it achieves a measure of differentiation. Therefore, organizations are adjusting their strategies to align with the emerging needs of their customers. And they are quickly identify emerging customers. This is means that they adjust their structures to enable execution.

Care for Employees:

Covid-19 has created a deeper level of attention on the employees. In other words, recognizing that organisations cannot do what they do without their people. When reviewing and renewing the strategy, they have a more detailed focus on the people’s agenda. It would include unlocking an inclusive culture. And in addition, focusing on creating the skill-set required for the new world of work. Strategies are going beyond engagement towards empowerment.

This cannot be done without a deep and real care for people. Putting people first has evolved. And this idea is an old idea. But people adopt it now with more sincerity. At the core of the business strategy, is the realization that through the inclusion of every person, organisations will find innovative answers to the questions we haven’t even thought of yet. It is the creativity found in unexpected places that may well rescue us from the challenges we face. People will however only weigh in when they feel cared for, valued, and included.

The Suppliers:

BBBEE has forced a behaviour with larger organisations to drive and contribute towards supplier business development. Subsequently, larger organisations have realized that a strong supplier chain enables business continuity and agility. When the pandemic closed markets, organisations realized that have local options is just prudent and makes business sense. So ED (Enterprise Development) has moved up in importance – in other words caring for our suppliers is important.

The Shareholder:

We have all been schooled into believing that all employees’ primary role is to maximize shareholder value. While this is partially true – as one of the consequences of good business conduct and performance, it should not the short-term operational focus. Operationally and routinely the focus is on building robust business capability that serves the shifting customer landscape and needs, which ultimately secures the long-term value for shareholders.

Care is the new strategy – it has to be central to the business and its people. Care, a small word with a big impact.

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  1. Excellent Fayruz! What you are saying, as I understand, is that the interests of the self and the other are aligned. When I act in the stakeholders’ interest, I serve the highest of my interest. I think that the current pandemic has manifested this idea into reality.

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