Leadership Standard for Dealing with Performance

Etsko Schuitema talks about the Application of Care & Growth and enabling winners. Furthermore, he...
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The Coaching Conversation

Etsko Schuitema discusses “The Coaching Conversation” Check out our latest books!
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Assisting employee in growth, stepping up

Leadership is not Achieving a Result through People

Etsko Schuitema talks about Care & Growth. Furthermore, he discusses how leadership is not what...
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Leader Empowering his team

The Five Steps to Empowerment

Etsko Schuitema discusses the Five Steps to Empowerment. Where he touches on training your subordinates...
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Two people giving feedback

Feedback, Communication & Intent

Etsko Schuitema discusses the application of Care & Growth. He talks about feedback, the way...
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Adult and Child planting


Care & Growth by Etsko Schuitema wherein he discusses maturation. Check out our previous video!...
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Authentic Leaders

Etsko Schuitema explores what being value drive actually means for an authentic and legitimate leader....
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Competition or Collaboration

Etsko Schuitema explores the difference between competition or collaboration in teams. To stay in touch...
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Inward Gatheredness

Join Etsko Schuitema & Anna Pucar Rimhagen as they talk about Inward Gatheredness. They also...
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