Many companies take employer branding very seriously. To ensure the longevity of the company, companies need people to sustain it. And people need youth to continue the legacy. But the youth of today have a different set of ideas to the ones that came into the workplace 4 or 5 decades ago.

The journey of young graduates

When students finish university, they are so desperate and excited for a job. They would take anything remotely close to their field. And through the interview process, companies are concerned as to whether the young fresh person will be ready and willing to take on the responsibilities. And many times, youth may not fit the requirements 100%, but they are willing to stretch themselves thin for the sake of the job.

Young graduates go through external and internal pressure throughout their studies. As soon as they graduate, or maybe even towards the end, everyone wants to know; “where will you work”?. For some graduates, it is easy. For some, it’s the furthest from easy. But for all of them is a transition period. And any transition is always uncomfortable.

Your company & Your Youth

As mentioned, companies go through many lengths to ensure the young, fresh graduate fits the job.  Young graduates need to be hardworking, possess the skill, take initiative, and have good communication. Needless to say, young graduates have a certain drive and vigour. Their headspace is filled with the need to impress. Of course, who wouldn’t want to excel and do extremely well in their job?

Companies with a healthy culture can empower and cultivate youth to be better in their role. In a company with a healthy culture, they can find role models and feel supported within their position. Whereas companies that have a high turnover and an unsupportive culture may not have the same effect on the youth. Therefore, making sure that your company culture enables young graduates is very important. Doing this can decrease turnover and enable the young graduate to grow and be innovative in their role.

Taking care special care of your youth

For many reasons, it is important to Care for & Grow young employees. One of them being the longevity of the company. Another reason is to ensure that they have a learning mindset. Anything they are told they will act on as far as possible. Many graduates today have at least one degree, they are educated and companies can make use of it. The youth are also tech-savvy. They navigate technology a lot quicker than the average joe!

Furthermore, they do not come from habits built from old companies. They are fresh and ready to learn the new culture without having to unlearn anything. Young graduates also need feedback. They require a sense of comfort during their early days. Moreover, everyone loves to feel validated. And this is even more true for young people. Ensuring that they receive feedback will give them the push they want.

Why are the youth leaving the workplace?

Currently, more and more, we hear of 20-35-year-olds leaving their secure jobs. They leave their financial security and place of work where they feel safe to venture onto something else. Why would they do this? (Most) Millennials are no longer in desperate need of financial security.

A company needs to offer way more than a good salary to ensure that people are loyal to the company and stay. Youth are realizing that their sanity, peace of mind, and time are more valuable than anything else. Now the question becomes, “Why am I staying if I’m completely miserable?”. Furthermore, because of the options out there for young people, it gives them even more of a reason to venture on their own.

Company culture is no longer a poster you put on the walls and only talk about during interviews. Company culture now has to come alive and be felt when someone is entering the team. The culture needs to be lived in all employees. Or else young graduates feel the need to move on to something better. And if companies don’t ensure their longevity, where will they go?

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