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The Politics of Convergence - Part 1

The Politics of Convergence – Part 1

Succeed at the time of convergence. Become a courteous and deliberate being so that you can be triumphant in this human endeavour that you're on. The Divergence The current archaeological ...
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Team Success

Team Success – Critical Criterion 2

For the last month and a half, we have been looking at the principle factors of team success. As we go into our final blog on the topic, feel free ...
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Manipulated image of sliced orange with red onion inside signifying Poisonous expectations

Poisonous expectations

Alexander Pope famously said, ”Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ANNA PUCAR RIMHAGEN explores this phenomenon in the light of the Intent Thematic and ...
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Pink piggy bank drowning in ocean of copper pennies signifying job satisfaction

Why does a good salary not equal job satisfaction.

Our studies have shown that approximately 50% of people in the workplace believe that they are significantly underpaid, whilst only 11% are perfectly happy with what they are being paid ...
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Team Success – Critical Criterion 1

The issue of benevolent intent operates on two levels. First, there is the issue of the benevolent intent of the organisation, and then there is the issue of the benevolent ...
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Successful Teams Have Respectful Team Members

When people suspend their self-interest for the requirements of the team their demeanour is fundamentally cooperative. If cooperation between members is the hallmark of effective teams then competition between members ...
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Agile with Care and Growth leadership

With the growing international popularity of Agile ways of working beyond just the software industry, ANNA PUCAR RIMHAGEN reflects on the unique leadership challenges this model requires and how Care ...
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Cooperation and Intent in a Team

As discussed in our previous blog articles, setting a team up for success takes careful planning and understanding. In this week’s blog we focus on the core factors (cooperation and ...
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