Personal Excellence Programme

Transform yourself, and you will transform the world around you

Unlock Your Full Potential and Live a Life of Purpose and Fulfilment

Our Personal Excellence Programme (PE Programme) is a master class in the science of inner transformation with a 25-year proven track record. It helps individuals on their journey of personal growth, self-awareness, and spiritual development by providing practical tools and insights. 

The Programme unveils subtle yet profound processes that can exponentially impact the world around you. You’ll learn to unravel and transcend toxic thought patterns, cultivate profound self-awareness, and navigate your relationships with newfound maturity and autonomy. With our guidance and your commitment, you’ll become the best version of yourself, ready to achieve excellence in all areas of your life.

Who Benefits from Personal Excellence?

Our PE Programme has a long-standing/proven track record for a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Anyone who wants to experience the power of being unconditional.
  • Spiritual seekers looking to deepen their connection and purpose.
  • Executives and senior management seek to have a transformative effect on others.
  • Develop the personal gravitas that is the root of charisma.
  • Those navigating mid-life crises or experiencing burnout.

Objectives of Our PE Programme

At Personal Excellence, we understand that each participant has unique goals. Our PE Programme helps you achieve objectives such as:

  • Developing deep self-awareness and understanding.
  • Cultivating a sense of security and fulfilment.
  • Navigating toxic relationships with wisdom and grace.
  • Clarifying intent.
  • Purify attention.

What You’ll Gain

By attending our PE Programme, you’ll acquire valuable skills and knowledge, including:

  • Meditation techniques for enhanced self-awareness.

  • Journaling as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

  • The ability to shift your intent and mindset to achieve your goals.
  • You’ll also gain profound insights into the human experience, including understanding how people mature and how intention and attention shape your perception of yourself and the world.

  • Guidance on cultivating inner virtues that have a transformative effect on the world.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Join us for our 5-day Programme at Oaklands Country Manor in the Drakensberg and embark on a journey to personal excellence. It’s time to discover your true potential, find purpose, and achieve a fulfilling life.

Ready to embark on your journey to personal excellence?

What is Personal Excellence?

Personal Excellence is a transformative journey towards self-awareness, fulfilment, and meaningful living. It’s about discovering your true potential and navigating life with maturity and autonomy.

Why Would I Need Personal Excellence?

Personal Excellence is essential for those looking to break free from toxic thought patterns, find purpose, and foster meaningful relationships. It’s your path to a life of fulfilment and personal growth. The science of inner transformation is essential for everyone. Clarification inwardly is the root of all virtue.

Who Can Benefit Most from Personal Excellence?

Our PE Programme caters to anyone who realises they can transform the world by making subtle shifts within or wants to make subtle shifts within. It’s also ideal for spiritual seekers looking to deepen their understanding of self and the world.

How Does Personal Excellence Differ from Schuitema's Other Services?

While Schuitema offers various services, Personal Excellence focuses intensely on clarifying Intent to make unconditional service accurate for a person.


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