What Is Organisational Excellence?

An organisation succeeds when it is good at making a valuable contribution to the market. Another way of expressing this idea is that an organisation succeeds when it is good at offering a valuable service to people. The question all organisations must face then is how to ensure that their service/contribution is valuable to people/the market. The first thing that must be in place for an organisation to offer a valuable service is that it must actually care about offering a valuable service. This is the key question then: does your organisation really care about the service it offers or does it care about something else? This question is actually a question about Intent. What is the Intent of the organisation?

The Intent of the organisation to serve its market is in fact the expression of the intent to serve or give in each individual within the organisation. Organisations don’t have Intents, people do. So, it is the aggregated intent of the people within the organisation that define the Intent of the organisation. And this is what we call the culture of the organisation. This is the most significant variable in organisation success, the culture of the organisation. As Peter Drucker says, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Organisations can be designed and managed in such a way as to either enhance or frustrate this intent to serve in the individual. Anything from what the vision, mission and values of the organisation are, through to how financial information is reported to staff, how much bureaucracy there is, and what role support function play all affect this.

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Where we work when transforming Organisational Culture:


Systems, procedures, and structures


Leadership and functioning of hierarchy


Functional teams and peer collaboration


The individual themselves and their transformation


You have an organisation which is efficient with minimum breaucracy that enables people to be aligned to and make a valueable contribution towards its purpose.

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