Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Schuitema Group's Transformative Training Programmes.

Mature leadership is vital for organisational success. Our programmes empower leaders at all levels with the skills and mindset to foster accountability and innovation. Partner with us for transformative learning that enhances leadership and drives sustainable growth.

Our training programmes are tailored for CEOs, HR professionals, organisational development specialists, senior/executive teams, and influential decision-makers committed to positive change within their organisations. We also have programmes tailored for middle management, frontline supervisory levels and the frontline, customer facing level.

Whether you seek to foster servant leadership, establish a consistent leadership language, or develop a high-performing team, our training equips you with the tools and knowledge to achieve your objectives.

The Benefits of Leadership Training:

Cultivate Self-Awareness, Maturity, and Personal Accountability:

Our training programmes go beyond skill development; they instil a deep self-awareness, fostering maturity and personal accountability within leaders. This heightened awareness empowers you to make conscious decisions and lead by example.

Establish Successful Leadership Relationships:

Gain a clear understanding of what it takes to build relationships of trust. Learn effective communication techniques, empathy, and the ability to inspire and motivate your team.

Accurately Identify Subordinate Needs:

Develop the skills to accurately identify the needs of your subordinates, enabling you to provide the necessary support and guidance to foster their growth and success.

Master the Art of Coaching:

Our training equips you with the coaching skills to unlock your team’s potential. Learn to ask powerful questions, provide constructive feedback, and facilitate growth and development.

Hold People Accountable:

Develop the ability to hold individuals accountable while maintaining a culture of trust and respect. Learn to set clear expectations, provide feedback, and ensure organisational accountability.

Enhance Conflict Resolution Proficiency:

Our training programme equips leaders with the necessary skills to handle conflicts, enabling them to address disagreements and challenges effectively. This proficiency in conflict resolution leads to a more harmonious work environment and more robust team dynamics, resulting in increased productivity and collaboration.

Flagship Training Programmes:

Introduction to Care & Growth
(2-Day Programme):

Discover the foundational principles of our Care & Growth model in this immersive two-day training. Gain insights into creating a culture of care and sustainable growth within your organisation.

Application Module
(2 hours online):

Explore our library of over 60 application modules to dive deeper into specific areas of leadership effectiveness, personal mastery, team collaboration and organisational transformation.

Personal Excellence Training at Oaklands
(5-Day Programme):

Immerse yourself in a transformative five-day training programme at the picturesque Oaklands in the Drakensberg. Take an intense dive into the fundamentals of human maturation to discover the deeper secrets of the character virtues that transform the world around you.

Grow to Care
(1-day Programme):

Help connect your frontline with the purpose of your business and cultivate within them an understanding of the meaningfulness of their work and appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to work as a form of unconditional service, thereby unlocking a sense of mastery within them and challenging victimhood.

Training Options:

We have a flexible approach to training – Most of our training content can be delivered face-to-face or online. Our content is customisable depending on the client’s needs – we offer standardised content. Still, we can customise any of our content by combining modules, designing new modules, and incorporating client-specific content into the module to ensure that the training addresses the needs that present themselves in the context.

Face-to-Face Training:

Engage in interactive face-to-face training sessions with our expert facilitators.

Online Training:

Access our comprehensive training modules remotely, allowing flexibility and convenience.

Training Delivery Methods:

Our approach to our training is Socratic in character. This means that we understand that everyone has the answers to our questions; they just need the language and framework to connect the dots.

Our process aims to draw out your understanding of the subject matter and reframe it so you can see a new and transformational perspective on what you already know. The aim is to reframe what you know to polish your internal compass.

Training Duration and Schedule:

As mentioned in the headings, our flagship programmes have a standardised duration. However, we do have a flexible approach as to how we schedule training.

Often client availability is taken into big consideration.

Group Size and Individual Attention:

Face to Face sessions – our cap is at 25 individuals per cohort.

For online application module sessions, we prefer 15 delegates to encourage critical engagement with the content.

Training Materials and Resources:

All face-to-face sessions include materials (book, pen, notepad, manual). For online training – we provide videos and tests on our Schuitema app.

Post-Training Support:

Host of post-training options including consulting support, coaching support, homework (to review the content examined), resources provided via the app. and check-ins.


An organisation succeeds when it is good at making a valuable contribution to the market. Another way of expressing this idea is that an organisation succeeds when it is good at offering a valuable service to people. The question all organisations must face then is how to ensure that their service/contribution is valuable to people/the market. 

Effective leadership requires a fundamental shift in the traditional approach to management and has a critical effect on team excellence. The original research conducted by Etsko Schuitema, in the 1980s, demonstrated that effective leadership is essentially tied up with the issue of employee trust in management.

Organisations can be described as a team sport in which there is a task that needs to get done and this task is passed around between members of a team or between teams within an organisation. Fundamentally, each interaction of passing the task between team members can have one of two characters: it can either be fundamentally competitive, or it can be fundamentally cooperative/collaborative. 

People are significant on the basis of their contribution; the value that they add to others during their lifetime. They are significant for what they put in, not for what they get out. Being here to give or to serve is, therefore, the core criterion which accounts for excellence in any individual. When people have cracked the code of appropriate contribution, they realise the best in themselves and come to be able to live their greater lives.


Why would I need leadership training?

Leadership training is crucial for individuals looking to enhance their leadership skills, unlock their potential, and drive positive change within their organisations. It equips you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively lead teams, navigate challenges, inspire others, and create a culture of excellence. Leadership training helps you develop self-awareness, communication skills, coaching abilities, and the capacity to drive meaningful results.

What should I expect from leadership training?

Leadership training at Schuitema Group offers a transformative learning experience. You can expect a combination of theoretical insights, practical tools, interactive exercises, and real-world case studies. Our training focuses on developing self-awareness, enhancing communication, fostering effective relationships, and equipping you with the skills to lead with authenticity, empathy, and accountability. Expect a supportive, engaging learning environment that encourages personal growth and professional development.

What is the difference between training and consulting at Schuitema?

At Schuitema Group, training and consulting work in tandem to drive holistic organisational change. Training focuses on developing individuals’ skills and capabilities through structured learning experiences. At the same time, consulting involves working closely with organisations to assess their unique challenges, design tailored solutions, and provide guidance on implementation. Training provides the foundational knowledge and tools, while consulting ensures a customised approach to address specific organisational needs and achieve sustainable results.

How long does training last?

The duration of our training programmes varies depending on the specific programme chosen. We offer a range of options, from shorter sessions to multi-day programmes. For example, our Introduction to Care & Growth programme is a two-day immersive training, while our Personal Excellence Training at Oaklands spans five days. Each programme will specify the duration, enabling you to select the option that best fits your availability and learning objectives.

Who can benefit most from your training?

Our training is designed for leaders and professionals committed to personal and organisational growth at all levels. CEOs, HR professionals, senior/executive teams, learning and development professionals, and decision-makers who seek to foster servant leadership, establish effective leadership relationships, and create high-performing teams can benefit greatly from our programmes. Our training is suitable for individuals and organisations across various industries and sectors.

Which type of training is best for me?

The best type of training for you depends on your specific needs, goals, and focus areas. Our training options include Leadership Excellence, Team Excellence, Organisational Excellence, and Personal Excellence programmes. Consider your role, desired outcomes, and the skills you wish to develop. For example, the Personal Excellence programme may be a good fit if you want to enhance your leadership skills at an individual level. If you aim to foster team collaboration and dynamics, the Team Excellence programme could be ideal. Feel free to contact us; our team will guide you in selecting the training option that aligns with your objectives.


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