Eunice Liefferink


Eunice Liefferink is a Human Capital Specialist with in excess of 20 years of corporate experience in directing various teams, leaders, employee engagement, training and development functions.

Her background lies in successfully overseeing an HR team for a JSE listed company with an excess of 1500 employees, the core functions being that of the full HR cycle from entry to exit whilst ensuring compliance with policies and procedures. Throughout Eunice’s career history, she has managed process improvements and employee/leader relations ensuring alignment with and achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

Her experience in leadership, human capital management and organizational development has provided her with the skills and ability required to relate to the challenges that both Leaders and organisations face in gaining commitment from the people they lead.

Eunice’s strengths include designing and implementation of initiatives to optimize organizational performance and improve employee relations while providing ongoing advice and feedback to senior management teams.

Eunice establishes solid and trusting relationships through exceptional communication skills; utilizing superior organisational, interpersonal, and presentation skills to propel teams forward. She has been successful in assisting organisations with operational efficiencies whilst dealing with complex challenging and objective-focused environments.

Having implemented Care & Growth for an International Insurance Brokerage in 2010, Eunice has had first hand experience of what legitimate Leadership activates within the organisation and as a result, she joined the Schuitema Group in February of 2020 to dedicate her time and effort in spreading the Care & Growth Thematic worldwide.

Eunice has a passion for equipping Leaders within the organisation to elicit discretionary contribution from employees and does this through her leadership training, facilitation and coaching. As a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) coach, her experience in change management initiatives also extends in how to address conflict and resistance to change.

Eunice has worked primarily in the Retail, Insurance and Banking sectors.

Her interests include ongoing self-development to enable a life of freedom (mental, physical and financial), spending time with loved ones and experiencing gastronomic dishes from various cultures.

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