Transforming Organisational Culture for Accountability, Innovation and High Performance.

We collaborate with senior teams to bring about meaningful change and transform the culture of organisations, businesses, and enterprises.

Our consulting services empower individuals, foster collaborative teamwork, engage employees, and establish empowering and efficient structures and systems.

Our strategic approach aims at cultivating contentment, accountability, innovation and mastery within the organisational culture.

Our consulting services are designed for senior teams seeking to drive organisational transformation. We understand the challenges they face and their desire to create lasting change. As a trusted partner, we work closely with our clients throughout the journey towards a culture of accountability and innovation.

The Benefits of Consulting:

Collaborative Teamwork

We facilitate the development of collaborative relationships, breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional collaboration for enhanced team performance.

Engaged Employees

By working towards a culture of accountability and innovation, we partner with you in creating an environment where employees are engaged and motivated because they work in a context that fosters an experience of growth and mastery.

Empowering and Efficient Structures and Systems

We partner with you in optimising organisational structures and systems, creating a framework that empowers employees and streamlines processes.

Empowered and Contented People

We partner with you in creating a culture that fosters a sense of fulfilment and contentment among individuals, creating a positive work environment that supports overall well-being.

Accountable and Empowered Employees

We partner with you in cultivating a culture of accountability, where individuals take ownership of their work, embrace responsibility, and contribute to the organisation’s success.


Our consulting services guide individuals and teams on a journey of continuous improvement and mastery, unlocking their full potential.

The Goal of Our Consulting Approach:

The Care and Growth Thematic emphasises the role of empowerment through hierarchy. What we aim to achieve when consulting with clients is to shift authority and control down the hierarchy incrementally. The aim over time is to make the organisation flatter and convert procedures into policies where possible. Otherwise, shorten them and make them more efficient. 

The net effect of doing this is to make the organisation less hierarchical over time. This increases efficiency and unlocks innovation.

The aim of Care and Growth is empowerment to the point at which work teams can self-manage in pursuit of organisational objectives.

With our consulting approach, we aim to partner with senior leadership teams as they walk a journey of incremental empowerment towards this objective. 

Our Approach on Transforming Culture.

What Our Consulting Service Involves:

We collaborate with senior teams to develop a comprehensive plan for transforming the organisational culture. Our approach includes supportive coaching, training, and diagnostics services over an extended period.

We review the organisation’s systems and structures throughout the process, ensuring alignment with the desired cultural transformation.

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Why would I need Care and Growth consulting?

Care and Growth consulting can enhance your leadership effectiveness, drive cultural transformation, and improve organisational performance. A culture consultant is typically needed to assist leadership teams struggling to redefine the organisation to realise greater efficiency, accountability and creativity but is stuck in a hierarchical way of working with excessively centralised control and decision-making. We provide a framework and valuable insights, tools, and guidance to incrementally shift authority and decision-making downwards through an incremental empowerment process. 

What should I expect from leadership consulting?

With Care and Growth consulting, you can expect tailored guidance and support in leadership development, team dynamics, strategic decision-making, and organisational change. Consultants will work closely with you to assess your needs, create a customised plan, and provide ongoing support, insights and guidance to achieve your cultural goals.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting at Schuitema?

At Schuitema, coaching focuses on individual development, personal growth, and unlocking potential through one-on-one guidance. Coaching is an essential supportive element in a transformational journey. But, coaching only involves planning and conceptualising a transformation journey. On the other hand, consulting involves working closely with senior teams to conceptualise and ongoingly review the transformation journey of the organisation as a whole to drive cultural transformation, align strategy, and enhance overall performance.

What are the areas you have consulting expertise?

At Schuitema, we have consulting expertise in various areas, including cultural transformation, leadership development, organisational change, team effectiveness, employee engagement, strategic alignment, and performance improvement. We tailor our consulting services to address your specific needs and objectives.

How long does a consulting relationship last?

The duration of a consulting relationship varies based on each organisation’s unique needs and goals. It can range from several months to years, depending on the scope and complexity of the cultural transformation and the desired outcomes.

Who can benefit most from your consulting?

Our consulting services are designed for CEOs, senior teams, HR professionals, organisational development experts, and learning and development professionals seeking to drive cultural transformation, enhance leadership effectiveness, and improve overall organisational performance. However, any individual or organisation looking to create a positive and empowered work culture can benefit from our consulting expertise.