What People Are Saying

  • “I was amazed at how simple we can achieve success in our business. We just have to un-complicate things by adopting the Schuitema Group Care & Growth™.”
    – Senzi Zulu
  • “As a result of our work with Etsko and the Schuitema Group, the positive effects we experienced throughout our team were incredible. It was as if brakes were released and the organistion started to fly!”
    – Graham Edwards, Former CEO AECI LTD
  • “I believe the Care & Growth™ principles are sustainable and will outlive my tenure at the company. I highly recommend Etsko Schuitema and his development methodology.”
    – Dave Coffey, Managing Director – Shatterprufe
  • “The simplicity and clear human rational behind how we as individuals, leaders, and teams can become successful is eye-opening. It has been more than a tool but a foundation of many of the turnaround cases I’ve been proud to lead.”
    – Jon Eddy, Head of Emerging Markets – VEON, Amsterdam
  • “I have been looking for an empowerment tool for years and at last have found it.”
    – Gerhard Kinnear, Operations Manager, National Brands Ltd
  • “Etsko created an absolutely excellent learning environment, he is a brilliant storyteller.”
    – Nthaba Sibanda
  • “Mature learning principles were so effectively applied. I couldn’t help but go on this mind-shattering journey.”
    – Amanda Venketsamy