“I can strongly recommend Etsko Schuitema as an expert in his field. He has made a significant contribution to the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) through his teaching on our executive programmes. GIBS is a triple crown business school and ranked in the Financial Times Executive Development annual review of business schools. In August 2023 it was ranked by the Financial Mail as the top business school in South Africa.”

Prof Karl Hofmeyr

“In the Care & Growth model, accountability is properly assigned. People are held accountable for issues that they have been properly equipped and trained to handle. Once this is in place, control can be incrementally suspended, thus opening up a space for the individual and the organisation to thrive.”

Graham Edwards, Former CEO AECI Ltd

“Etsko’s approach, based on the Care & Growth Model has had a wonderful impact on our business. As a result, our leaders are able to spend time growing our people whilst still holding them appropriately accountable. I believe the Care & Growth principles are sustainable and will outlive my tenure at the company. I highly recommend Etsko Schuitema and his development methodology.”

Dave Coffey, Managing Director – Shatterprufe

Within the leadership syllabus, Etsko taught the “care and growth model” over two days. It is fair to say that the ideas came as something of a revelation to the attendees, most of whom had twenty years of experience of prescriptive, task-oriented management. The impact it made was both remarkable and lasting. I remember personally thinking how much I would have benefited had I been exposed to these ideas at the same stage in my own business life. I recall seeing the students going through a significant paradigm shift in their understanding. It was a way of working that contradicted much of their work-life experience.

Phil Hanson, Former Co-Director of MLP

“The simplicity and clear human rational behind how we as individuals, leaders, and teams can become successful is eye-opening. It has been more than a tool but a foundation of many of the turnaround cases I’ve been proud to lead. I would encourage all CEOs who believe collaborative teamwork is the true sustainable competitive advantage, to explore the Care & Growth concepts outlined by Etsko Schuitema .”

Jon Eddy, Head of Emerging Markets – VEON, Amsterdam

“I worked through the Schuitema thematic with both coaches and their management teams. Although they initially experienced it as counter-intuitive, the workshop helped them understand the importance of the coach’s focus. If the focus is on the results, the players feel exploited, and if the players experience the coach’s intent as being interested in them as people and their wellbeing (Care) and also to empower them to become the best cricketers in the world (Growth), they will be totally committed and the results will follow. Which has just been proven by the success of the Proteas against Australia.”

Dr. Francois Hugo, Psychologist for the Proteas – South African Cricket Team

“Schuitema Groups concepts are very powerful, as embodied in the Personal Excellence framework. They assimilate beautifully with my cultural values and beliefs. I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking about my role as a leader.”

Adnan Siddiqui, CEO, Askari Investment Management

“The model in itself in fascinating in that it gives a simple language that everyone from an operator to an MD can understand and engage with. I can’t think of any other leadership model that I have engaged with that speaks to all manner of men – “it’s not consultant speak” – it gets to the heart of what being a human is all about.”

Chris Walker, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

“The Care & Growth model has such strong principles at its foundation that any individual or organization that sincerely commits to applying the processes is bound to experience a profound transformation. Going through the workshop was a humbling experience – I could have never imagined that so many of my management and leadership paradigms were so inadequate.”

Asif Misbah, Director, Macter International

“The Care & Growth Leadership program addresses the core issue of enabling maximum employee contribution. Unlike many “consulting programs”, Schuitema Group’s approach addresses fundamental aspects of the human condition and our endeavours. I am a fan of the Schuitema Leadership program and would recommend it to anyone who is genuinely interested in growing people and delivering results.”

Ross Duffy, Managing Director, Franke (China) Kitchen Systems Co. Ltd

“We had a very productive strategy session facilitated by Schuitema. I’m really impressed with the new Serious Play technique that they have introduced. It gets everybody involved and helps our ability to convert strategy into action.”

Jahangir Paracha – CEO Engro Vopak

“I would like to thank you for your input, direction and your Care & Growth model introduced at the Vuselela Conference in Zimbabwe. My view is that Vuselela is about a philosophy and culture and the reincarnation of a spirit that you helped us set free.”

Martin Rosen, Director, Pick ‘n Pay

“Schuitema has helped develop people with the right mindset especially with
the Care & Growth Model.”

Dr Jamshaid Hasan Khan – Professor Lahore University of Management Sciences

“I have been looking for an empowerment tool for years and have finally found one.“

Gerhard Kinnear, Operations Manager, National Brand Limited

“I continue to be inspired by the contribution you make to our business combined with the universal yet supremely effective perspective that care and growth brings to leadership. If I look back 2 years to the climate, interactions and legitimacy of the environment in Eastbalt then and compare it to today my peers confirm they are dealing with a completely different company, one that is robust, sustainable and able to deal with the challenges of the circumstances in a correct and appropriate manner. Heartfelt thanks!”

Andy Clemmow, CEO, Bimbo Bakeries South Africa

“The biggest beneficiaries of this intervention in our experience are the operators on the shop floor, as their line supervisors and managers not only develop strong service cultures but mature in their intent and behaviour towards those they have been appointed to lead. The simplicity and fundamental truths underpinning the learning make this a popular organizational intervention, as the principles hold true for both the working and the personal lives of every human being. I can therefore strongly recommend its use as a tool for effecting sustainable change in the culture and performance of mining operations.”

Horst Jäger, General Manager, Nkomati Mine

“This approach enabled Dulux leadership to rally subordinates and create a healthy, growing and market-driven company.”

Prejay Lalla, Sales Director, Dulux Decorative

“A programme of change in work style and behaviour has transformed the Johnson Matthey site at Panki, India. A workplace that was once characterised by a strong sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’ – the worker / management divide – has now become home to a strong team ethic and commitment to excellence. Productivity at work has increased, hand in hand with a greater emphasis on employee and community wellbeing.”

Tarun Ghoshal, General Manager, Johnson Matthey Catalysts