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Lead Consultant

Pam Pretorius is a senior human excellence consultant and has worked with the Schuitema Group for eleven years. She has worked on varied projects in her time with Schuitema and has in recent years been taking the lead role for some of our larger clients.

Pam’s work is driven by a deep understanding and practice of the Schuitema Intent Thematic. By living each day with gratitude and trusting that the universe will serve our best interests when we are of service. Pam knows that this enables people to overcome their limitations and frustrations, irrespective of what stages they are at in their personal lives and what level they are at within the business, and helps them to achieve their potential.

Projects undertaken by Pam have ranged from whole organisation culture change interventions to individual leadership coaching programs. The industries that she has worked in have ranged from manufacturing, and mining to banking and IT and she is as comfortable donning safety boots and overalls in a factory environment as she is working with executive teams in their head offices.

The extent of Pam’s contribution to her clients ranges from coaching and advising leadership (individually or in teams) on how to maximise employee engagement and delivering the training interventions that accomplish it.

The key to Pam’s contribution to Schuitema is that she invests time and energy building strong, trusting relationships with her clients. To the extent that she has worked with some of her clients as they have moved on in their careers, to different roles and organisations. Some testimonials about Pam’s work:

“Pam became a trusted confidante and coach and guided me through some stormy waters. She was never too tired or busy to listen and advise and I count her among one of the most significant influencers of my life.”

“If you are wanting to make a contribution to making a change in your business, Pam is your number one choice. Her support is unwavering, her intent unquestionable and her engagement goes beyond the call of duty.”

Pam has almost thirty years of experience working in corporate, government, non-government and parastatal organisations on major transformation projects, internal communications, human resources, learning, and development. In addition, she spent ten years in the hospitality industry, managing a saltwater fly-fishing business with her husband.