Anna is the Regional Custodian of European Regions for the
Schuitema Group.

Anna has worked with Team development for over 20 years and as an Agile and Lean coach for a decade.

She has experience both from working operatively, as a line manager or change leader during Agile and Lean transformations as well as from coaching organisations on their agile journeys and giving courses on the topic. She also co-authored the book “XXL Agile & Lean Coaching”.

Her work, that seeks to combine Agile ways of work with Care & Growth, opens up a new, excellent way of working with teams, leadership and culture. An intrinsic belief in the goodness in people, all of Anna’s work begins from the view that cooperation is crucial to reach success. She sees that the combination of Care & Growth and Agile principles offers great value to organisations that want to respond quickly to a rapidly changing world and can rely on the commitment of their people in the process. Care and Growth Leadership does not only fit perfectly with Agile ways of working, it actually supplements Agile to take Agile teams to a new level. In line with this Anna recently launched a book “It’s All About the Spirit” where she attempts to connect the dots between Agile and the Care & Growth Model.

Anna worked for many years with the Swedish telecommunication firm Ericsson, where she held various senior line positions that included technical, leadership and coaching roles. She also has long experience in teaching and running presentations and workshops, spanning personal-, team- and organizational excellence.

Anna lives in Sweden with a second home in South Africa. She has two grown up daughters and in her spare time she enjoys various forms of exercise particularly cycling. This has provided her with hands-on experiences as a leader, both as a manager and privately within the bicycle club and the Swedish bicycle event Vätternrundan.

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