Thandie is an independent Organisational Development specialist. She joined Schuitema Group as an associate in 2014 and has developed a deep understanding of Care & Growth. Thandie is a particularly good facilitator and has the ability to develop deep connections with large groups of people very quickly.

She has over 15 years’ experience in the field of Human Resources Management and Organisational Development, where she has served in various capacities such as; recruitment consultant, performance management specialist, training and development manager, talent management specialist and change management specialist for various organisations across several different industries and sectors.

She has worked largely in the leadership development arena within a number of organisations focusing specifically on designing and developing training programmes for technical supervisors and team leaders who have been earmarked for managerial positions. Her area of specialty has been soft skills training such as personal effectiveness, leadership/management, human resources management, presentations and communication skills.

Thandie has developed strong expertise in both program design and program delivery. As an example, she successfully developed and ran a graduate recruitment and development programme for a packaging manufacturer, where the main purpose of the programme was to fast track socialisation into the organisation and in particular their growth into positions of leadership and responsibility. Her last role was for a leading business school in South Africa where she managed the design, development and delivery of management and leadership development interventions for corporates.

Her interests lie generally in the leadership development of junior to middle management (as a designer and as a facilitator), with special focus on soft skills. She is passionate about integrating, facilitating learning and as such is well versed in the art of inspiring and affecting change in those she facilitates. She has an extensive knowledge base on emotional intelligence, psychology and communication. Her core competencies include People Development, HR Management and Communication.

In between work and parenting an almost adult daughter, Thandie enjoys reading and writing and has self-published her first book.

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