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Soren Dahm

Lead Consultant and Programme Manager

Soren holds a BSc. Soc. Science and M.Sc. Psychology with 5 years post-graduate clinical training and is currently a psychoanalyst training candidate. He is a certified Psychotherapist (European Association for Psychotherapy, Cert. No. 407442, Danish Association for Psychotherapy, Cert. No. 2876) and a registered member of the British Psychological Society. Soren is also certified as Business Advisor with the Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa (IBASA No. M4933).

For the last 20 years of his professional life Soren have been occupied with the human condition and particularly what happens to us under pressure and how best possible to cope with what life throws our way. He has worked for large international organisations engaging with employees and managers and travelled for work to more than 50 countries around the world – from remote field offices in South Sudan and Afghanistan to HQ in New York and Geneva.

As a clinical and organisational expert in Mental Health and Workplace Wellbeing Soren is passionate about helping individuals and organisations develop healthy and caring work environments that enables excellence in employees and managers. For organisations to turn around poor mental health work environments he finds it particularly effective to equip middle managers with the right knowledge and tools to Care for their staff in their day-to-day interactions and that way build a strong social fabric.

The Care and Growth thematic resonates naturally with Soren’s approach to support managers and leaders in thinking about how they can best Care for their employees, teams and organisation. He provides international, evidence based, best practice advice and counsel in mental health and wellbeing Duty of Care and manages the Schuitema mental health and wellbeing programmes. His approach is informal and practical as he draws on his strong multicultural experiences to understand the needs of his clients and tailor interventions.

Soren is avid supporter of the Schuitema thinking of Leadership Excellence and inwardly gathered leadership where personal self-reflection and emotional self-awareness are essential keys to be effective and successful as a leader – first Know Thyself! In his experience, exactly that enables leaders to navigate challenging relationships and roles and not least stay thinking straight under pressure.

Soren recently moved to South Africa with his family, his Dutch wife Andrea and their 3 children Theijn, Nora and Thore. Having lived in Kenya some years back the family enjoys being back in Africa. Coming from an ancestral line of Scandinavian farmers and fishermen he is an enthusiastic amateur organic farmer that enjoys nothing more that working with the animals or sitting on a tractor in the field.

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