Fayruz Abrahams


BCOM (MNU) Masters in Industrial and Organisational Psychology; PhD (MNU) Doctorate in Consulting Psychology.

Fayruz Abrahams has been working with Care and Growth for over two decades. Fayruz is highly skilled at conceptual & abstract thinking. This enables her to translate strategy into efficient operational approaches. She also has a unique ability to find connections between people, concepts and context – serving to catalyze & energize groups. This combined with her skills at facilitation and deep understanding of Care and Growth make her an immensely valuable partner to client organisations.

Working as part of Schuitema Group, an in private practice, Fayruz has consulted in the area of Organisational Transformation (development) and Leadership Development, including amongst others, organizational diagnosis, strategic planning, framing the role of leaders at all levels in the business, structuring for strategy execution, establishing or aligning performance management practices (incl. disciplinary systems), teambuilding & role clarification, union relationship building, communication strategy, coaching workshops, and developing a culture of inclusion, which embraces diversity within organisations.

Many years of association with Schuitema Group has embedded a thorough understanding of how to establish a leadership practice and ethos to foster a culture of trust and accountability, unlocking sustainable performance. Over the past 10 years, Fayruz have been a leadership coach to number of executives within client organisations.

Some notable projects that Fayruz has been involved in include:


Organisational coach: strategy formulation, cascading and alignment of operational strategy. Performance coaching – critical roles. Implemented a leadership Practice Model aligned to business realities and supported with broad roll-out of leadership development and OD coaching to build a culture of accountability through inclusive leadership. Facilitated the unfolding of business strategy to Build Organisational Capability including the forging of Assessment capability to support Talent Management. Setting the foundation for Engagement through Diversity and Inclusion intervention, the evaluation of inclusion culture (rating system), and defining the competency framework for Inclusive Leadership.

PEPCLO 2011 – 2016 and 2nd iteration: 2019-2020

Change Management & Leadership Development: effected successful delivery of ERP system, reduced absenteeism by 50%, area-efficiency improvements of 50%.

SPAR DC EASTERN CAPE 2012 – present

Mentorship Programme for senior leaders; Leadership Development; Supervisory Development; Communications & “How Business Works” (at all levels) and team strategy formulation & interventions (multiple divisions). Established Warehouse strategy, Service Level Agreement modality for team development, and establishing practices to enable the cadence of accountability


Engagement strategy support through leadership development aims at enhancing the establishment of World Class Manufacturing and improved staff morale. Project optimized business performance and WCM – but more importantly enabled stable transition during very uncertain times

FIRST NATIONAL BANK 2008 – present

Leadership Development, Executive coaching and strategy formulation / facilitation – across multiple business divisions.

Fayruz is based in Port Elizabeth. She is married with two children and one grandchild, who gets a lot of attention and affection from his grandmother.

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