Personal Excellence Retreat

An examination of the key elements of Personal Excellence which are necessary for success
in terms of both leadership and personal fulfillment.


The leadership approach which we have been teaching at Schuitema Group emphasizes that the key problem facing leadership at work is to establish legitimate relationships of command. What we have discovered is that these relationships are only seen to be legitimate if the two criteria of care and growth are operative in relationships between subordinates and superordinates at work. The criterion of growth implies a willingness to entrust responsibility to people. It means that the person who is doing the enabling has to have the courage to take the risk to entrust people. This capacity to take risks relates directly to the individual’s basic assumptions about existence. If you are convinced that the universe is an unfriendly place you are bound to be nervous of taking risks in your life generally and with your subordinates particularly.

Furthermore, the criterion of care, we have found, has an unconditional requirement associated with it. In other words, to truly care for people requires a remarkable degree of maturity and personal mastery of the person doing the caring. In short, you cannot lead anyone else if you are not in charge of your own life. The Personal Excellence Programme is a five day programme aimed at providing an opportunity for people to establish the existential gravity and maturity which is so essential in leading others. It is an examination of the key elements of personal excellence which are necessary for success both in terms of the leadership of people and personal fulfillment. The programme examines the following:



  1. The Two Attentions
    The relationship between the benevolent and malevolent. Maturity as the cultivation of attention. Understanding how the attention functions and how to use attention optimally. Attention as the vehicle for the transcendence of self. Listening, inner tranquility and correct attention.
  2. Transactional Correctness
    The question of balance in growth. The mutually disabling effect of inner and outer incorrectness, as well as the mutually enabling effect of inner and outer correctness. Learning to see things as they are and to give everything its due.
  3. The Three Intentions
    Maturity as the cultivation of intention and the question of social conscience. Reading the text of relationships so as to gain insight into one’s own correctness.
  4. The Four Concerns
    Establishing your level of maturity on the basis of what concerns you and visualising the way forward.
  5. The Six Aspirations
    Establishing your level of maturity on the basis of what your aspirations are. Understanding growth as an increasingly subtle apprehension of existence. Seeing society as you apprehend it as a metaphor for your relationship with the cosmos. The limitations of social conscience.


09h30 – Introduction Exploring Personal Excellence
13h00 – Lunch 14h00 – Reflection and Action
18h00 – Meditation
19h00 – Dinner 20h00 – Personal Reflection

07h00 – Meditation 08h00 – Breakfast
09h00 – Exploring Transactional Correctness(Walk)
13h00 – Lunch 14h00 – Constructing the categories of transactional correctness 18h00 – Meditation
19h00 – Dinner 20h00 – Personal Reflection

07h00 – Meditation 08h00 – Breakfast
09h00 – Pursuing the Essence – Techniques of
transmuting resentment into gratitude
13h00 – Lunch 14h00 – Constructing Biographies
18h00 – Meditation 19h00 – Dinner
20h00 – Personal Reflection

07h00 – Meditation 08h00 – Breakfast
09h00 – Reviewing Biography 13h00 – Lunch
14h00 – Understanding Growth
18h00 – Meditation 19h00 – Dinner
20h00 – Personal Reflection

07h00 – Meditation 08h00 – Breakfast
09h00 – Re-engaging the world – establishing
values 13h00 – Lunch

Please advise us if you have any special dietary requirements. It is advisable to bring along comfortable and warm clothing (warm hats and gloves in winter) and good walking shoes. Dress code is casual. Delegates stay at the venue.

Should you have any queries or nominees please direct them to the schuitema office at +27 (0)11 867 0587 |

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Etsko Schuitema is a renowned business consultant who has authored numerous books including Leadership: The Care and Growth Model and Intent: The Core of Being Human. He is a senior partner in Schuitema, a business transformation consultancy operating worldwide.


  • A wake-up call for managers who want to be leaders. Etsko transforms the words “power” and “empowerment” into living, breathing ways of human interaction.

    Dr. Denis Waitley
    author of The Seeds of Greatness
  • He challenged the current paradigms with a message that resonates with our times.
    We need to change our lens!

    Dawood Valley
    CEO & Founder – Fairprice Furniture
  • Etsko took us on a journey of self-discovery that was linked to making an actual difference in the workplace.

    Lindiwe Magagula
    Senior Provincial Manager – Standard Bank

“Successful leaders understand that you cannot buy loyalty and commitment, you have to earn it.”

Etsko Schuitema