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The Care & Growth™ Model, a subset of The Intent Thematic, is a universal leadership thematic that is based on the premise that we exist to serve the other and, in doing so, we actually serve the highest of our own self-interest.

Intent to Care & Grow Subordinates

leadership development model; care & growth diagram

The model was born out of primary research done in the area of conflict and trust in management under the auspices of the South African Chamber of Mines Research Organisation in the 1980s. These were very significant times to be doing primary research on conflict and trust in South Africa.

The uniqueness of the framework that has been developed lies in its capacity to deal with the issue of excellence at every level, from that of personal excellence to organisational excellence. This has enabled us to develop a set of universal themes that we have applied at the level of the individual, the team, and the organisation.

1. It is possible to take a moribund business beset with industrial conflict and employee distrust and to turn it into a successful organisation that can count on the loyalty and commitment of its people.

2. It is possible for people to rise above the alienation and victimhood that besets modern man to achieve authentic personal mastery.

By creating hierarchies that operate with the universal themes of Care & Growth™ at their heart, we create organisations, teams, and leaders that thrive.

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