Schuitema Organisational Diagnostics

Helping you see things as they are so you can move them to what they need to be

Research based Organisational Diagnostics to identify your cultural issues, drive the development of your team, unlock employee engagement, and build collaboration

Keep your finger on the pulse. Manger your own pulse survey and get up to date, immediate feedback at your fingertips. Drive engagment and leadership development

Invite out industry experts to assess your business and its market context to build business strategies that ensure sustainability and viability

Over 30 years of industry experience

Research based Organisational Diagnostics

Research-based and proven methods

Highly experience industry leading consultants

Aligned with industry leading methodologies in leadership and inter personal relations

Proven track record in meaningful transformation

Testimonial on the usefulness of our diagnostics

Explainer video on why our diagnostics is so effective and how we came to reach that point