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Barbara Jellis


Barbara brings over 30 years of experience as an Executive Financial and Business advisor. Her associates and team have backgrounds in Law and Chartered Accounting/Auditing, and collectively they provide expert financial, legal and business advice to individuals, CEOs, Directors, Small and Medium business enterprises and Corporates.

She oversees and delivers full financial risk assessments, with proposals to optimise tax and wealth management, through appropriate collective investments, fund schemes, portfolio options relative to appropriate risk profile which is all key to achieving the best results for clients, as well as trends into portfolio management and differentiating between the different asset classes.

Barbara holds a Certificate of Achievement in Wealth Management through USB Executive Development Ltd (Stellenbosch University) and an International Quality Service Award. She is also qualified in Public Relations which is complimentary to the marketing and business advice provided by her and her team of expert associates.

Barbara is also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Neuroscience coach. Drawing from the work of leading Neuroscientists her approach to coaching at all levels, provides an integrated understanding of brain functioning and issues such as awareness, attention, reflection, insight, action, expectations, self-awareness, working memory, learning, emotions, social interactions and accountability to name a few, all of which are elements crucial to effective coaching. Passionate about people her focus is to provide solutions with the most favourable outcomes.

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