Helen Minty


Helen Minty is a Human Development Consultant and Leadership Coach and has worked as a Sole Proprietor at Learning Solutions Design, with Schuitema as a client, for more than 20 years. As a professional coach, Helen’s key role has been contributing to Schuitema’s Leadership Diagnostics, as well as assisting with various coaching projects.

Helen’s passion is the enhancement of human potential and achievement, which she believes supports the attainment of a healthy and happy lifestyle. She works mainly with middle managers and team leaders to examine and capitalise on their strengths as well as to determine where there are opportunities for further growth. She is convinced that, through more effective leadership, there is a cascading effect, resulting in the leader cultivating excellence in his / her direct reports, with their job roles as the means to enable their personal and professional growth.

Helen has conducted and reported on a variety of company opinion and leadership surveys as well as having tackled several assignments requiring delivery of written materials.

As a professional coach, Helen has contributed to the development of the current Leadership and Values surveys at Schuitema. As a member of the teams conducting surveys, she has written many individual profile reports.

Prior to, and while working with Schuitema as a client, Helen has been involved in the design and presentation of a wide variety of training programmes and has worked as a professional coach. Before this, Helen was employed by Adcock Ingram as a Training and Development manager.

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