Transforming Culture


Global thought on the issue of organisational culture has progressed immensely over the past 2 decades. There is a growing appreciation of the fact that culture is the key enabler for organisational success.

One of the key challenges with all efforts to affect organisational culture is the difficulty of achieving changes that are more than skin deep. The easy part of culture change is the branding and awareness campaigns. The challenging part is affecting the character of every transaction/interaction that takes place, both within the organisation, and between the organisation and the customer/client. And this is where change needs to happen for culture transformation to have a meaningful impact. Culture change is essentially a matter of the empowerment of the individual. The challenge is pulling this off at scale.

Using the issue of intent as the golden thread, this book eloquently draws a line of sight between organisational culture as a whole and the empowerment of the individual. It provides a powerful framework that ties all the required pieces together whilst maintaining a keen focus on the real locus of transformation, which sits at the level of the intent of the individual.


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