Your Daily Dose of Fulfillment

Finding fulfillment in your career is easily the best thing you can do. It is not easy to start the journey if you have never thought of taking those steps. But with any risk comes great reward. This article discusses a few ways to ensure that you can find fulfillment in your career path.

Purpose & Fulfillment

Across the board, studies show that you have to find your why. This means, asking questions like; what are your values? What defines you as a person? And the key is to write them down! In addition to that, think of a mission statement for your life. And how you are going to act independently of any external circumstances. Thereafter, apply it to everyday work life. It’s easier than done, but this will allow inner-congruence. Thus, encouraging alignment and the feeling of living with integrity.

Author Steve Errey, from The Muse, writes that you should forget about the perks. Forget about company policies, compensation, and work location. He carries on to say that it is unlikely that you will find real satisfaction in these elements of the job. Moreover, it is concluded that extrinsic qualities of the job will never give you fulfillment.

Figuring out what you want means thinking about what really matters to you. What do you connect with and what resonates with you? If you could make a simple, small difference to a group of people, what would it be?

Setting goals

The feeling you get when scratching something off your list is the biggest relief. But does it speak to your higher purpose? When you set a goal, is it one that resonates with your deeper self, or is it just another goal on the list of many that need to be scratched off? Make a specific goal every day to fulfill a deeper need. Likewise, not forgetting the necessary goals that are needed to improve your daily work. Above all, remember you are running your own race.

Studies show that true joy and fulfillment in the workplace come from knowing that you are contributing to something bigger than yourself. And if you dissect it even further, it may just be making a small contribution every day. And that seems like an achievable goal to reach every day!

Gratitude and its Mindset

As you already know, there is always someone who is experiencing a more difficult situation than you. And although that does not take the pressure away, it places a sense of gratitude in the mind. Certainly, a person who feels an abundance of gratitude will also feel an abundance of fulfillment. When you feel fulfilled, it can instill a form of emotional energy. So use it! In other words, don’t be passive, be active. Be active by taking action and not just sitting back. That goes for whatever situation you may be in.

Gratitude is like a muscle, you need to exercise it. If you forget to train a specific muscle, surely it will become weaker. Likewise, gratitude needs to be trained in the mind. Gratitude does not come overnight. It is hard work, and it is a journey. But a journey that leads to fulfillment every day.

There will always be a challenge to overcome, a simple way to look at it is to start small and start with what you know. Likewise, use your natural strengths and talents. Therefore, allowing you to do your best work. Choose to stop resisting and struggling and engage with what you know and what you are good at. On the contrary, sometimes challenges come in the form of team relations. And simply put, it’s quite uncomfortable, awkward, and frustrating. But the best way to deal with is the same with you would deal with the situation with a friend. In the most natural way.

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