Mental Models for Mentally Challenging Times

I rely a lot on mental models. Especially in these challenging times, they’ve helped a lot. So in this post, I’m not going to say much, I’m just going to show you some models that I’ve found really helpful when facing the challenges of life. “80 or 90 important models will carry about 90% of the freight in making you a worldly-wise person. And, of those, only a mere handful really carry very heavy freight.” – Charlie Munger

Stephen Covey – Mental Circle of Influence and Control

Inspired by the ancient Stoic philosophy of concerning yourself only with what you can control (which is just your own thoughts and actions if we’re being honest), Covey extended the idea further by adding some nuance to it (and perhaps unfairly, taking out the reference to the ancient Roman Gods).



Victor Frankl – Man’s search for meaning / Logotherapy

Victor Frankl proposed the concept of Logotherapy in his seminal book “Man’s search for meaning”. He didn’t represent it as a model though, this is my interpretation. Meaning is unique to everyone. So we shouldn’t go chasing a universal definition of it. It can be found in the act of creating things, admiring things, or even in suffering: by choosing how we will respond to the suffering.



My Mental Model for leading life with purpose

It’s great to start with a purpose. But unless it’s guiding our thoughts and actions all the time, it’s not really our purpose, is it? So let’s not stop after we’ve started. Preparation is where we consider mindsets, habits, and plan for things. Productivity is all about our activities and the outcomes we produce.



Some ancient symbols for the journey of life. 

You might find inspiration in these ancient symbols. They might carry an aura of power and mysticism. Or they could just be ancient knowledge; mental models from a long time ago that are still applicable today. The choice is yours.


In the challenging and weird times, it’s not easy to make sense of everything. And not everyone knows how to make sense of things. So, don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone processes situations in different ways.

I have become you, and you me,
I am the body, you soul;
So that no one can say hereafter,
That you are someone, and me someone else.”
― Amir Khusrau, The Writings Of Amir Khusrau

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    Thank you so much for sharing. I will certainly delve further as today, especially, our minds are being challenged like never before. An assumption.

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