It’s All About The Spirit (in English or Swedish)


There is a lot to love about Agile ways of working: the friendliness, flexibility, curiosity, experiments, and collaboration, as well as the clarity about customer needs and prioritization. But maybe most wonderful of all is the helpfulness, the attitude of “How can I help?”. Collaboration over competition.

This resonates so well with the Care & Growth thinking: in every situation you can either see what’s in it for you or see how you can contribute. “How can I contribute?” is very much like “How can I help?”.

Agile and Care & Growth are like layers of the same cake, where Care & Growth explains what happens underneath and what it is that makes Agile work (or not).

As the book title implies, success is not a product of good behaviour, nor of prescribed ceremonies. It is about the why, the intent, the purpose. In essence, the spirit of it all!

In this book, Anna connects the dots between Agile and Care & Growth and together with the reader explores the spirit that makes them so special.

Individually Agile and Care & Growth are really good; together they are amazing!


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It’s All About The Spirit by Anna Pucar Rimhagen


English, Swedish


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