Self-Discipline is Long Term Success

In the times we are living in today, its quite odd to not have a goal or ambition. We see it all around us. Everyone is chasing their dreams and trying to achieve their set goals in life. In turn, this pushes us to also look at our lives and try to achieve our goals. But what does it really take to get to where you want to be? I’m sure we would all say drive, motivation, willingness, belief and determination. But the key to achieving your goals isn’t necessarily behind all those feelings. It would be the consistency of your drive. The consistency and constancy of your determination, belief and willingness.

The role of consistency in self-discipline

Consistency is defined as a consistent behaviour. An act done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate. And I mean, how difficult can that be? Well… Extremely. The act of being consistent is the turning point at any given stage of any goal we want to achieve or change we want to make. Being consistent not only takes us to achieving our goal, but pushes our mind to think differently. Our mind has to reset, and adjust to the changes we want to make. And it needs to allow the thought of “this is going to happen again”. Our brain makes room to fit in the change we want to make, and the way we process the change it how we will perceive it.

How we perceive the change, is most likely how it is going to be. Therefore, it is important to perceive the change as something that is possible. Something that is within reach and have full belief that it is attainable. Because 9 out of 10 times, what you tell yourself is what manifests.

The thought process..

Our brain is strange. We think we have no control over the way we feel. We feel what we feel and that is how it is. Actually, our feelings stem from thoughts we have. A thought can allow us to feel sad, happy or angry. And guess who is in charge of thoughts? Yes, thats right. We are in control of our thoughts. What we fill our brains with control’s our emotions and thought patterns. It all starts with one thought. That has a dominoes effect, which ultimately leads up to our final decision. And all this takes place within a split second. In decision making, we replay old experiences, possible outcomes and we can’t forget the element of fear. (what a crippling emotion)

In order for our brains to accept the change we intend to make or addition we need to include, we have to be disciplined. Discipline is the practice of training people (in this case, thoughts) to obey rules or a code of behaviour. Self-discipline is the key to achieve your own personal definition of success. ‘Selfdiscipline is the ability to do what you should be doing. Selfdiscipline often means putting off your immediate comfort or wishes in favor of longterm success.’ This means forgoing your immediate desires, to attain the future you want.

Having self-discipline should be seen as the greatest achievement in our lives. Because it is possibly the most challenging concept to consistently perfect. In a world where instant gratification is the norm, forgoing your immediate wish seems kind of silly. In moments where we can have exactly what we want, it would be silly to say no. This is what the world we live in, says. You can have everything you want, at the click of a button. Or a tap on the screen. And most times, we get exactly what we want. But at what cost?

Self-discipline in our mind

Our world of instant gratification has eluded our sense of reality. Or sense of the way things really work. Achieving a goal and chasing a dream, comes with many obstacles. And one of those includes having the discipline to put off immediate comfort.

As previously mentioned, the way we perceive the change, it most-likely how its going to be. Our mind needs to be disciplined enough to fight off thoughts that may creep in to alter the state of perception of the change. In other words, when we start to feel lazy or we start to compare ourselves to others, our minds should be disciplined. Disciplined to immediately fight the thoughts that creep in. And disciplined enough to have the belief that you are able to cross the finish line.

Celebrate the small wins!

It seems simple to write this and read this. But the true test comes when you have to choose between watching another episode of your favourite series or going to bed early to be able to be productive in the morning. The test comes when your mind compares you to another person. Your mind tells you that they are doing so much better, why are you even trying. The true test comes in the little moments you have in your head. The tiny things that no one really knows about, except you.

And when you have the discipline to forgo immediate wishes for longterm success, please do pat yourself on the back. Smile, and be the happiest you can ever be. Because in that split moment of you choosing your longterm success over immediate comfort, you have won the greatest battle! You are on the way to becoming the best version of yourself and all you want to be.

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