Why giving Feedback is Important as a Leader

Giving feedback as a leader can be reserved at the top of the list. This is because it strengthens the relationship between subordinate and leader. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it still creates an atmosphere of communication.


In any form of constant form of interaction becomes some sort of relationship. And in any relationship, there should be respect. Respect comes in many forms. Body language, acknowledgment, valuing, and communication. Furthermore, each of these elements can be further broken down. Each element is a product of several things. But the basis of it would be attention.

Where we focus our attention will reflect in our behaviour. And since we are building a relationship with our leader or subordinate, it is important to allow our attention to be directed in the correct place. Where our attention goes, magnifies. So whatever we pay a lot of attention to, plays a big role in our lives. It is important to focus on the right things when we are building and maintaining a relationship.

Feedback is helpful when it contains a healthy amount of good intention and/or attention and even better delivery. For instance, if a leader were to see his subordinate underperforming, where does his attention shift to? Does it immediately go to “he is not qualified for the job” “he is so lazy”?

If the leader’s attention were to shift to “what can I do to help?” the situation would be very different. For both leader and subordinate. This would make feedback or meet-up sessions a lot easier.

What does it consist of?

Care & Growth is a practice that teaches leaders to put their subordinates in a position to take charge. Leaders have to ensure that they provide their subordinates with certain tools to help them succeed.

But what are these tools? And how do you provide it? You as a leader would know what the job consists of. Therefore, you’d need to make sure they have the means. For example, do they have the materials, tools, and supplies? Do you provide support? Do you inform them of how they are doing? In other words, you should really make sure they know what is expected of them.

Secondly, you need to ensure that you enable their ability. This entails making sure to take the necessary steps in furthering their development. And make sure to talk to them about their future in the company. Furthermore, they need to understand the company goals, and how they fit within the bigger picture.

The next element is to ensure that you hold everyone in your team accountable. This means making sure that your team performs at its best. It also includes taking disciplinary measures where necessary. Holding people accountable requires great responsibility and honesty. Honesty with yourself, and responsibility in making sure you’ve played your part. It will be really difficult to hold someone else accountable for actions when you have not fulfilled your end of the agreement.

The most important element of feedback

The last aspect is care. Showing you care can overflow through several different actions. And the impact of this element shows the greatest outcome. Examples of this can be following through on arrangements or promises. And taking an interest in personal concerns. Lastly, make sure to be authentic. Making sure what you say and what you do, truly align.

Care & Growth goes to the source of reason. It is a universal leadership thematic that is based on the premise that we exist to serve the other. And, in doing so, we actually serve the highest of our own self-interest. So when we give, and when we contribute, not only does it help another person, it helps us.

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